Saturday, 6 August 2011

A tourist at home

A walk along the South Bank of the Thames,
from London Bridge via Wagamama,  Shakespeare's Globe,
St Paul's Cathedral, the 'wobbly' bridge, Tate Modern,
the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Festival Hall
and the London Aquarium.
The queue at the aquarium finished me off 
and I dodged home at this point -
there was supper to prepare.

Roun learns to make pizza.


  1. You make London look inviting! And the Pizzas are yummy!

  2. So you have been a tourist at home, too! Great photos per usual, and that pizza looks delicious!
    These posts bring back fond memories of cooking with Japanese students when I was an ESL assistant what back when.

  3. Could I skip the tour - but still join you for pizza?

  4. The Pizza looks good. Very pretty

  5. Please could I come for supper too? it looks so much nicer than anything I have in the house to eat!