Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Chattels and shackles

What have I got to show for the past few days?

Well, there's been continued donating, chucking, selling and 
putting-out on-the gate post,
which is my cunning method of 
getting rid of miscellaneous items, not quite suited
to the charity shop, the dustbin or ebay.
Almost everything goes within minutes
and I never see it happen.

I have also had some sadly salutary lessons in 
what happens when you get very old
( two sets of 90 year old neighbours)
and haven't addressed your superfluity of possessions.
They swell like ocean waves, lap at your feet
 and threaten to drown you.
Then someone else has to come to the rescue
whether you like it or not because it is all so insanitary
and dangerous.
This is time-consuming and very depressing
for everyone.

I want somehow to ensure that I don't end up 
in a tiny body-shaped space in a house full of rubbish
which will engulf me if I attempt to leave my chair.
Now is not too soon to start because...

the end is finally in sight for part one of our
retire to the country plan,
but it has been such a long time coming,
and so riddled with inexplicable setbacks that
weariness, disillusionment and much perplexity
about the way that people behave
have made it impossible to blog about.

It's not that I want to be secretive or mysterious.
I just don't have the stomach for it. Yet.
No pretty pictures, no amusing anecdotes,
heck, even Mrs Miniver can't help me.
So I have littered this post with some of the stuff
 which I am struggling to part with.

This one is for Rachel.


  1. Well done on getting this far!

    As for the possessions, trust me, new clutter will soon replace the old.
    Having disposed of almost everything when I left England for India, now I own more than at any stage in my life. How did this happen?!

  2. How often life is just that way?! We hope for something with a positive end to also have a positive beginning, and then other things get in the way, muddling it up and putting the damper on what should be a pleasurable experience. There's my ramble for this evening.I hope 'all's well that ends well' in your case and your dream life in the country makes it worthwhile. You have a lot of stuff, yes, but I would hardly call you 'old'!

  3. If you put that top tin on your gatepost you can watch me scuttle up to it, rattle it, look left, then right and pop it in my bag...........

    I have been trying to have a "sort" here, but to no avail. Perhaps if I were moving I would make more effort..........

  4. It took me all of 3 seconds to realise it was for Rachel because of the lovely fuchsias - mmmmmm.

  5. I need to do the same thing but I cannot find the energy required. I should, perhaps, employ someone from a house clearance company to do it for me.

  6. I always think of you as a countrywoman, and hope the plan finally works out. For years I had no possessions, but since I got married seven years ago I have been a magnet for them; it is partially the wish to provide lovely crisp duvet covers for the use of others now that I am a Responsible Person.

  7. I should probably have a clearout , too .
    The trouble is , I really like everything I have and am delighted to have found every chipped , bent , wobbly bit of it .
    So , I'll just admire it all for a while longer ...

  8. That made me laugh aloud. Thank you. I am NOT giving you my address because I am terrified that you would post it to me.......