Sunday, 14 August 2011

Country fair

I don't know what our visitors would have made of this,
but as they had popped out for a weekend in Paris
they missed it. 

There was a brass band of course.

A spinning display.

 Very good homemade icecream.
Plenty of bric a brac.
A raffle.
White elephant.
Throw the ball in a bucket.

(Just thinking about explaining any of this is giving me a headache.)

And best of all -  a dog show.
Here are the dogs checking each other out.
The judging was very earnest.
Rosettes were awarded, but
although I watched for quite a while
I never had the slightest notion
what the winner had done
to deserve it.

A consolation pat perhaps?

I sense a disappointment here.


  1. I love a good village fete :D Ours is soon, complete with welly whanging and abseiling down the bell tower ... all in aid of the church restoration fund. I think I'll have to lobby for the inclusion of a dog show next year :D

  2. We have a dog show at the Ham Fair in June, and all sorts of wonderful stalls. Your fair looks like 'proper' country, what jolly good fun! (and you had the weather!)

  3. Greengage icecream sounds wonderful.

  4. Looks like a fun day. Lots of variety and traditions maintained.
    I will be staying awake thinking about the dog show! ha ha
    Helen xx

  5. I'm sure they will be sorry they missed it--looks like lovely old-fashioned fun.

  6. I can just imagine the difficulty of trying to explain all that. I like the idea of Greengage icecream.

  7. We had our county fair one week ago. Instead of a dog show, the horses, cows, pigs, chickens and all manner of things were judged.

    And homemade ice cream was served!

  8. Wow. There are places they still do all of that? I want to move there.

  9. I asked for a greengage ice cream and although the lid had GG pencilled on it I'm sure it was gooseberry. Still very nice.

  10. I don't suppose the dogs mind.

  11. That will have been GooseGog icecream then?

  12. Yes I think that must have been it!