Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I am getting behind with these eventful days.
The photos are piling up as they tumble out of the camera.

 So here is Sunday lunch at Petersham Nurseries.
A great piece of good fortune this booking,
as they had just had a cancellation for a table for ten
and there were eight of us
happy to slide into their vacated seats.

The walk back along the river 
would have been idyllic 
had it not been for the torrential rain.
We were not adequately prepared for this.
It is hard to translate 'squelching' into Japanese.


  1. Such a shame about the weather, I hope you and your guests were not too despondent? Was the food good?

  2. I'd love to visit Petersham Nurseries,I keep seeing it mentioned by London bloggers. Although in light of current events the attractions of living in London are diminishing somewhat.