Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mouchoir de Madame

I had hoped to return with a rhapsodic report of the 
food, colours, light, 
sights and sounds of Provence,
all of which were as perfectly lovely as you can imagine,
and I will,
 but just at present I am indignantly grappling with a large violet handkerchief
and cannot see for streaming eyes and nose.

For the moment, I will try to imagine myself in the lavender field
at the back of the house,
listening to the steady thrumming of the bees and breathing deeply
the warm, clean, fragrant breeze.

I am indebted to this blog for the following information,

'Mouchoir de Monsieur was launched by Guerlain in 1904.  
Created by Jacques Guerlain, it was designed to be a masculine twist on Jicky.

The fougere fragrance opens with notes of bergamot and lavender,
 layered atop middle notes of rose, jasmine and neroli, 
resting on base notes of oakmoss, civet, vanilla and iris.'


  1. What a beautiful photo - oh to have holidayed in Provence!
    Take care and hope you are feeling better very soon.

  2. A summer cold - how horrible! But we can wait, patiently, for the joys of Provence to be relayed to us.... get better soon.

  3. Welcome home Lucille, shame about the cold, somehow they're always worse in the summer - hope you feel better soon