Friday, 13 August 2010


We used to have eggs in many forms
when I was a child.
My father got up first at 6 o'clock every morning
and brought us each a cup of tea in bed 
before making our breakfasts.
Boiled, fried and scrambled eggs
accounted for three of the five working days.

I have just lately revived the habit.
Perhaps a faint memory of a downgrading 
blamed on egg consumption, 
has had something to do with this.

I do wish we could still buy white ones.

He sat by the fire in the kitchen 
not daring to speak for happiness.
Till that moment he had not known 
how beautiful and peaceful life could be. 
The green square of paper pinned round the lamp 
cast down a tender shade. 
On the dresser was a plate of sausages  and white pudding 
and on the shelf there were eggs. 
They would be for breakfast in the morning 
after the communion in the college chapel. 
White pudding and eggs and sausages and cups of tea. 
How simple and beautiful life was after all! 
And life lay all before him.

Still Life of Cooking Utensils, Cauldron, Frying Pan and Eggs
Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - James Joyce


  1. 'He sat by the fire in the kitchen not daring to speak for happiness....' Really enjoy the quote from Joyce. Eggs are a pleasure then and now. Delightful post as usual.

  2. White pudding ... heaven only knows how much cholesterol but I'd die happy!

  3. Von at The Good Life ( posted about the cholesterol myth on Friday - very interesting, especially for those of us who love eggs.

    I read the Joyce book when I was too young, I suspect; I must go back and try it again. But Mrs Miniver comes first - should arrive in the post today. Thank you, O Reading Guide!

  4. One lovely blogpost....... You sound to have had a wonderful father.

  5. Oh, yes ... that Joyce quote is the best.