Monday 9 August 2010

Country living

Hugh F.W would have been proud of me.
I gleaned, gathered, 
foraged and found,
crab apples,
mulberries and
on a walk today.

But we had to pass through a light industrial estate
cross busy main roads,
and pass unlovely housing estates
to find a bit of country life.

Maybe one day,
we''ll have it on our doorstep.


  1. Forage for blackberries, mulberries, crab apples,and cobnuts...You are resourceful.

  2. I love your gleanings - I can relate to what you are saying, not that I live near an industrial estate, but some of my rambles can take me past ploughed up paddocks, muddy driveways and areas of nothingness but amongst all this I find beauty. I don't know what cobnuts are and have only seen a mulberry bush in a London park,

  3. Unexpected bounty from unlikely places is always more precious than living among plenty. No?

  4. Mulberries......... sigh........... how lucky were you??!!

  5. I love the way that foraging is celebrated in England! I think it's one of the most charming aspects of this lovely country.