Saturday 14 August 2010

The clatter of a gauntlet being thrown down

'Even I am blogging on the Mrs Moneypenny website
a practice that I will embrace for August only and then never again. 
A column a week is one thing, 
a column a day a completely different deal. 
Who blogs? 
As far as I can see, it is people with nothing else to do.'

F.T Weekend magazine.



  1. Add my gauntlet to the pile! Although I'm not usually one to argue with the FT. Maybe they should stick to what they are good at - Finance!

  2. People who are rude about something that they know nothing about usually look foolish and Mrs Moneypenny has demonstrated this rather elegantly.

  3. She does have a point, Lucille.
    I would think that relatively few daily, "leisure bloggers" are also in full-time, regular employment.

  4. That's it then..... behind the bike sheds at lunchtime........ gloves off.........

  5. Behind the bike sheds again? My therapist is still unlocking the memories from last time...

  6. I'll hold your coats, because I think the FT might have meant me.....

  7. PS I've just had a look at the link to Mrs Moneypenny, and have to say that it confirms what I've always thought about blogs that endorse products or events - never as interesting as a thoughtful review or a professionally-crafted advert (no, I don't mean Cillit Bang, but you have to admit that theirs are memorable if nothing else!) and rather deadening to the blog's personality and character. I wouldn't grieve if she gave it up - the personal is always more attractive and intriguing.

  8. Or people who view it as a healthy way to flex their writing muscles and enjoy corresponding with like-minded types all over the planet. Like me. And I have plenty of 'else' to do!