Tuesday 10 August 2010

Boo! 2

Second in my occasional series of
 things that appear at the window.

It's raining here, 
the finest, speckliest rain
too small to coalesce into raindrops
as it falls.

The washing line sags empty.


  1. "The washing line sags empty." I love that sentence.
    To tell the truth, it put me in mind of my abdomen, as I emerge from bed in the morning. But that, as they say, is more information than you wanted!

  2. Strange as it sounds snails terrify me.

  3. And here in Scotland en route to Edinburgh Festival its the blobbiest biggest wettest rain you can get which has soaked through my leather shoes and is chilling my feet!

  4. Beautiful post, snail and all; strange to see the underside of a snail like this! Loved the sound of your gentle rain.

  5. I wonder why snails like climbing windows? Or wandering about on busy pavements, risking death by pedestrian? Another of life's small mysteries...