Tuesday 6 July 2010

Rus in urbe 2

We often drive past 
a large triangle of rather prosaic common land

bordered on all sides by busy roads.

You might see people playing football or walking their dogs
but it has never presented itself as a worthwhile destination.

Last night, in search of the last drop of sunshine

we decided to stop and now I wish we had thought to do so sooner,

for we discovered that the scruffy outskirts 
conceal a series of beautifully planned,  


and tended


 Just as we were in danger of believing we had escaped
through a wormhole into Peckham's pastoral past,

a gap in the trees revealed,

this 21st century vista.

 Perfectly possible to believe though, that William Blake saw,
' a tree filled with angels, 
bright angelic wings bespangling every bough like stars.'
while visiting Peckham in 1767.


  1. Love that bottom photo........ the colours are just beautiful.

  2. Wow what a special find - thanks for sharing it with me. Your photography is brilliant too!

  3. Entertainment and erudition. What a blog!

  4. Will you look at that glorious lavender! Thanks for sharing your photos, as always they are lovely. I like your view of the world.