Monday 19 July 2010


 I breezily assured Paul that I could tell him 
what I wanted to have done 
in the sitting room by the end of the week.

I waved a hand at the walls and said,
'Whitish matt',

then at the woodwork and said,
'Whitish eggshell.'

I glanced at the 
carpet and faltered.
Really it was time it went.

'Neutral?' I muttered.
'I'll get some samples.'

But the alcoves either side of the fireplace
have always been my personal experimental canvas.

They have been shocking pink.
At present they are teal.

And now Alice's blog has given me ideas.

I want hand painted birds,
trees and flowers
on a buttery yellow background.

This isn't something that can be rushed.
Perhaps this isn't even the right house.
 I am paralysed by indecision
and Paul wants answers.

I do what any right minded person does
when faced with too many paint charts, wallpaper books
and carpet samples :

I make raspberrry ripple icecream
( aka blood and bandages)
and in my delirious state 
believe I have created a rather splendid paint effect.

Is it time for marbling to make a comeback?


  1. Oh so many decisions - I can see why you made raspberry ripple icecream instead! Fantastic rich colour in the ripple.

  2. Blood and bandages on the wall = crime scene. Or maybe I've been watching too much CSI.

  3. That would have been a wonderful decision to have to make if you weren't under pressure!

    "Whitish" can mean about 100 different shades; I love having to deliberate about which one, which time of day, under what light, and so on.

    But hand-painted birds? Go for it!

    Loved the link to Alice's blog, thank you.

  4. Now you understand the burden of employing staff to carry out your every whim.
    First, you have to have work out what your whim is....

  5. I think that the only answer is for Paul to pack his tools in his van and come and transform Chez Magpie instead. I would make him tea and provide chocolate biscuits and praise whatever football team/politician/TV show he wanted to discuss.