Wednesday 14 July 2010

Linings 2

I have a new ironing board cover.
It's white.
So far, so mundane.

But before I fitted it, I took the old beige one off.
Underneath that was a large flowery cover.
Underneath that was a small flowery cover.
Underneath that was a geometric patterned cover.

And underneath that should have been
a  secret envelope full of crackly money
like this:

because of this story.

 Linings have always held a special fascination for 
this closet exhibitionist.
(Pun not intended.)

Let's take a stroll through the coat cupboard
on a drizzly grey reversion to a typical British summer's day.

 Persephone Books had my number when they
introduced their silky grey jackets
with beautiful endpapers
taken from contemporaneous textiles.

The matching bookmarks are a
bonus hidden pleasure.

Perhaps the equivalent of a matching handkerchief
or hair ribbon.


  1. I would have loved that story too - and probably misremembered it. My mother grew up with a family story of a great-aunt having hidden her gold under the stairs into the kitchen, although after her death nothing was found by her children. Speculation remained intense for years afterwards!

  2. It's amazing the things we remember about our childhood - only to find that the years have put a different slant on things. I have enjoyed your beautiful post.

  3. Damn. I can't blog about my new ironing board cover now.

  4. Oh- but you must. It could be a meme. Possibly. If I knew what they were.