Friday 2 July 2010

Bowing out

After twelve years

with this great teacher and friend

we reached the final lesson tonight.

It started here -

and finished with this.

It seems to me that a spirited Prelude 
in a sad key perfectly represents
my mixed feelings about this stage of life
which is all about endings and beginnings.

Rachmaninov composed this at the age of 19.
O. will play it at his Leavers' concert tomorrow aged 18.


  1. That is exactly the kind of pensive piece that I liked to play at that wonderful, sad age. I hope your son is happy with his performance tomorrow, and I wonder what is next for him in life...?
    (love the photo of O. peeking around his teacher's shoulder)

  2. One of life's passages ... bittersweet

  3. Best wishes for a beautiful performance tomorrow! Lovely picture of that little tot with piano keys at chin height! You couldn't have known then how well he would take to it....