Saturday 17 July 2010

Essential maintenance

We're having a bit of decorating done.

If only our exterior had deteriorated as artistically 
as these railings at Ham House,
I'd have been tempted to leave well alone.

Now I am wondering if I can face emptying the kitchen

of pots and pans

so that Paul can get in there while we are away.

He has offered to tend the garden too

but can he be trusted with the topiary?


  1. Awesome - love your photography - of to have a grand home - and someone to do the housework ;-)

  2. I see that I had a typing mistake in my message above!
    I meant to say 'Oh to have a grand home'

  3. I followed Marilyn onto your blog and I did laugh. I was thinking "My what kithchen she has!!" I love the big houses of England. I have been lucky to have visited a few and loved the history stories that went with them. Goog luck with the renovating!

  4. I just read about you sitting in the thatched cottage ...on Marilyn's blog. Oh what a picture you painted. Thatched cottages are so beautiful.

  5. Is Ham House across the river from Kew Gardens? If it is, I remember gazing at it when I lived in London,and used to visit kew Gardens, and wondering about it. I love those National Trust properties, we love visiting them. Isn't that topiary to die for! Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Playful fantasy portrayed here. If only we all had kitchens and gardens like this?