Wednesday 21 July 2010

The nectar bar is open

The marjoram has flowered

and with its flowering has come a cloud of butterflies -

in bird watching parlance:

(little brown jobs)

The bees like it too.
I'm glad to see a bee.
They can't be taken for granted anymore.


  1. My street is filled with bees, different kinds, all busy with our lavenders, valerian, veronica, and poppies. Could they be retreating from the countryside, like so many of our birds, safer and better fed in the urban garden? A silly thought, I know, but perhaps.....

  2. You could be right. Certainly urban hives are growing in popularity.

  3. They are becoming scarce in this country as well ...

  4. What beautiful photos! I agree that we can't take bees for granted - when my daughter was young she had a hive on our property in town and it was wonderful to learn about bees - but since then the varroa mite has been in NZ and has done so much harm; there certainly aren't as many bees now.