Tuesday 15 December 2009

Blue shadows

Snow lay thick on the fields and the woods 
cast blue shadows across it.
The fir trees were like sparkling, gem-laden Christmas trees, 
the only ones Susan had ever seen.
The orchard, with the lacy boughs outlined with snow, 
was a grove of fairy trees.
The woods were enchanted, exquisite, the trees were holy,
and anything harmful had shrunken to a thin wisp 
and had retreated into the depths.

from The Country Child by Alison Uttley


  1. One of my most favourite books - and I still feel scared when she has to walk home from school through the woods!

    Pomona x

  2. Yes wasn't it terrifying? The Dark Wood with its watching eyes, the long arm and skinny hand that might shoot out, the giants and bears and the need to step only on the soil so that she could walk silently and above all, never letting Them know she was afraid. Four miles!