Sunday 20 December 2009

This was going to be

a bird boast post,
to show you the huge variety we have visiting our feeders.

wren, robin

bluetit, starling

magpie, blackbird

goldfinch, greenfinch

great tit, coal tit

house sparrow, tree sparrow

rook, goldcrest

even a greater spotted woodpecker.
Not to mention redwing, wood pigeon, ring necked parakeets.
But the one garden bird that remained elusive,

the thrush.

Until today when I found


We think he flew into our window.
So sad.

 First, Second and Third Ladybird Books of British Birds
illustrated by Allen W. Seaby and Roland Green M.B.O.U.,F.R.S.A  


  1. oh:( we experienced the same thing with a ruby-throated hummingbird last year. it's so hard to see them lying there lifeless.

    as far as my illustrations...i just go to google images. maybe i shouldn't be??? i didn't think about copyright issues. i just assumed that since i'm using well-known artists, it would be ok to just use what i find? hmmm...maybe i'd be think again.

  2. What an amazing variety of birds.

  3. I think it is a very vexed question. A blog is unlike any other medium. Certainly I thought a non commercial diary shouldn't present a problem and of course the 'material' vanishes from sight pretty quickly unlike a book or magazine. Many of the images must be out of copyright but picture libraries might hold the rights and then want to charge us. I will have to look for clear advice.

  4. Poor little thrush - he looks so perfect. We have many of the same birds in our garden that you have. I've left a list over on my blog in comments, and reading your post reminds me,we also have wrens visiting, and in the autumn had a glut of fieldfares and redwings. It feels such a privilege doesn't it, that they come into the garden.

  5. Such a lovely collection of pictures - including the magpie which I have a very soft spot for.

  6. thanks for the gift of these images. yes, i've seen that too. it's always so sad.

    but happy holidays to you