Wednesday 30 December 2009

Sweet no things

As we leave behind us the season of excess
and are taken once more by the gentle hands
of Reason and Restraint,
we talk earnestly of decluttering and simplifying our lives.

This is a sincere goal but a difficult one to attain.
Wanting is like an itch. 
Scratching is irresistible but only makes the itch worse.

I think I may have found a soothing balm for our acquisitive yearnings.
Suppress that urge with virtual possessions.

They are free.
They are the loveliest things.
And they never need dusting.

Here is my first new no thing,
I found it in Beth Chatto's Garden Notebook.

...a little pewter jug filled with snowdrops...
In the warmth of the room the snow-white petals have opened over prim,
closely-folded petals,
each bearing a green heart-shaped mark
at the tip.


  1. Wonderfully said ... without clutter ... makes me wish to see what you have seen

  2. Your post title enticed see the value of... simplicity. Thanks. Happy new year.