Friday 18 December 2009

'Cheer up, cheer up!'

reached the bank where Mr and Mrs Nibble lived 
with their three children,
all she could see was snow.
No front doors, no little windows - just snow.
'Oh dear,' she thought. 'My poor friends!' and she called very loudly:
'Cheer up, cheer up! We've come to dig you out!'

Actually we barely had enough snow to reach a mouse's kneecap
so we certainly didn't have to dig anyone out,
but I did have the chance to rescue someone 
with a polystyrene box of provisions.
We had an erroneous frozen goose delivery, five days too early
and nowhere to store it until Christmas Day.
Providentially the company had been unable to meet the demand for geese  
and one of their disappointed customers,
 lived just round the corner.

kind of you to  come and help us,' said Mr Nibble.
'and how very, very good of you
to bring us food.
We're very hungry.
Please come in and share it with us.'


  1. Your Robin photographs are beautiful and very festive.
    As is, Story time with a favourite old book, with illustrations you never forget.