Thursday 31 December 2009

The deck of cards

I was going to set up a review of the year in pictures,
optimistically thinking I could quickly choose twelve photos 
to represent each month of 2009.
One hundred and forty two carefully considered selections later, 
I had only reached June.

As I sit here in the early encroaching darkness
I am encouraged by the long, light-filled days,
fascinated by the flowers, fruits, fields, frogs, fires, markets, music,
 trees, travels, birds, badges, buildings, books, birthdays, blossom, 
cakes, cows, clouds, reflections, rainbows, soups, sons, sunrises and sunsets.
I am refreshed by the sea, snow, streams, parks, people, parties.
I am replenished by the food, feasting and foraging.
I had underestimated all the walking, stretching, running, 
swimming, swinging, 
climbing, driving, flying, cycling.
Spring Summer Autumn and Winter
all captured, all compressed.
I've fanned them out
like a pack of cards.
And scooped them closed again.

Pick a number, any number.


It's the 19th of March.
Sunrise from our bedroom window.

I'm happy with that.
Thank you.


  1. enjoying your writing ... and photos ... may your New Year be filled with beautiful moments

  2. I'm fascinated by frogs too - and cake! and all the other things you mention.
    I Hope the Breaky Bottom went down well together with the company of a son - how wonderful! Happy New Year to you and your family too Lucille.

  3. Your year in pictures has been beautiful, and useful to you as they refreshed your memory of your year. Happy New Year.