Thursday 10 December 2009

December Stillness

December stillness, teach me through your trees
That loom along the west, one with the land,
The veiled evangel of your mysteries.
While nightfall, sad and spacious, on the down
Deepens, and dusk imbues me, where I stand,
With grave diminishings of green and brown,
Speak roofless Nature, your instinctive words;
And let me learn your secret from the sky,
Following a flock of steadfast-journeying birds
In lone remote migration beating by.
December stillness, crossed by twilight roads,
Teach me to travel far and bear my loads.

by Siegfried Sassoon

These trees do run along our western boundary 
and were granted an
exaggerated majesty by dusk, 
not apparent by day.

1 comment:

  1. I love the black outline of trees along field boundaries at dusk - one of my favourite sights.

    Pomona x