Wednesday 7 October 2009

Red Letter Day*

The number 43 bus is red but the view was unremittingly




on this, my blog's
first anniversary.

But having a blog makes you look more carefully
for the red in the grey,

the red, white and grey

the yellow, white and red

the yellow, red and green

the brightly coloured skeins

of threads you pull together
and tidy into balls,
to throw out into the world.

and sometimes people catch them
and throw a ball or two
back to you.

Which is nice.

So thank you to:
maddy, kelli, katie, milly, annie, alice, dottiecookie, nicole, bubblefish, il fratello, baleboosteh, readerguide, patricewilliam, anna, gardenmama, the coffee lady, vanessa, katrina, susan l, sally anne, learningtofollow, slugsontherefrigerator, fuoriborgo, britt-arnhild, l.l.barkat, thaitrait, jennywren, shrub, r2k, liivi, jeanette, elspeth, leah, laurafrantz

and today a blogger sprang to life in front of me
when I least expected it -

in Loop


  1. Oh, Lucille...happy one year of blogging!

    How I've enjoyed the way you've peppered my life with beauty, the introduction to many new things and a glimpse into your life!

    I must favourite picture is the one of you:) Beyond that...I love that yarn! I think that knitting must be a more widely done hobby in Englad. You just seem to have more beautiful shops there. Did you grab some? Are you going to start knitting???

    What a beautiful post with which to begin another beautiful year of blogging!

  2. I love looking at your blog Lucille. It's often useful and always beautiful. Happy Anniversary.
    My husband was in London yesterday and when I asked what the weather was like, he replied with one word "grey!"

  3. Happy Blogday to You! Thank you for letting me share it.

  4. And a good time to go right back to the beginning! Will attempt to copy and save.

  5. Congratulations from me, too, Lucille! I still love looking at your blog and reading your comments. I agree with Annie-- your blog is both useful and beautiful! :-) Looking forward to more!