Monday 5 October 2009

Garden chutney

There was a tempting array of chutneys and pickles in Bill's at the weekend
but I remembered that

this little lot was waiting for me at home
and it would be flying in the face of all
the grow-your-own, cook-your-own exhortations
(even if you only have a window box -
am I the only person to find this a mite hard to take
from people pushing groaning wheelbarrows of basil around their rolling acres? )

not to turn them into

It took a while.
Well all afternoon actually,
and now it is too dark to show you the money shots.

Still too dark in the morning so had to crank up the exposure.


  1. I experienced my first Bill's at Lewes last week. Your home grown produce looks so good and I bet your chutney is too.
    Just catching up on all your wonderful photographs.

  2. It looks so good in the Bonne Maman jars. Totally homemade, feel proud of yourself.