Friday 30 October 2009

Addendum to post below

I'd quite forgotten this.
Life is skittles and beer.
My son reminded me he used to sing this.


  1. that was jolly fun!!

    i'm thinking that "beer and skittles" is very much a british expression? when i think of skittles, i think of the little, coloured candies. i googled the word, and now i see that it is a game similar to bowling:) i had no idea!

  2. Yes the general consensus seems just to be that life can't all be fun and games. It features in Dickens' Pickwick Papers as 'porter and skittles' according to one site. We have Skittles and a similar sweet, Smarties, chocolate beads with different coloured candy coatings.

  3. Just enjoyed catching up. A treat for the eyes seeing your photographs. Just waiting for my washing to spin, just read the laudry bag, made me smile.