Monday 12 October 2009

Hair cuts

We all had haircuts at the weekend and today
the trees did too.

The Deodar cedar in the front garden
is really too big for its situation but
as it is home to many Goldcrests, Britain's smallest bird,
I cannot countenance having it taken down.

It took four men five hours to do all the work
some of it literally out on a limb.

One of several bay trees had to be taken out,
but I rescued these clippings for drying.

Goat willow, pittosporum, apple, box, ash, laurel
all needed drastic thinning.
The pyracanthus, although beautiful for its berries,
is viciously thorny and rampant
all along our boundary.


  1. my girls had haircuts this morning as well! you'll have to post a picture of your trimmings once they're dried. i'd love to see them!

  2. A little late but congratulations on a year of blogging. It is a beautiful blog with your take on the world and such lovely photographs.
    I like your line about throwing a ball out, partly because I am just making a patchwork ball with liberty prints.

  3. We had to dig up a Pyracanthus bush because the window cleaner fell into it and was rather horribly spiked by the wicked thorns.