Thursday 30 October 2014

The photograph as a tribute

The man who lives in his eyes is continually confronted with scenes and spectacles 
that compel his attention or admiration and demand an adequate reaction.
To pass on without pause is impossible 
and to continue after purely mental applause is unsatisfying: 
some real tribute must be paid.
Photography, to most of its addicts is a convenient and simple means
 of discharging these ever-recurring debts to the visual world.

Olive Cook

Olive Cook was an art and architectural historian
married to the photographer Edwin Smith.
RIBA is currently showing a collection of his work from their archive.
If you are interested there is a great deal more about the couple here
and the exhibition here.


  1. Tuesday was glorious here , too , the sun making everything glow , just like your chinese lanterns .
    Come February , these photos will seem even more extraordinary !

  2. Only this morning I realised the truth of that quote from Olive Cook for me personally.

  3. Top marks to that photograph of the blue lamp and all the richly lit stuff. It is absolutely A1.

  4. Lucille, thank you so much for this tip about the Edwin Smith exhibit at RIBA. Perhaps I will be able to see it.


  5. The first picture a perfect still life.

  6. That first paragraph does resonate with me, as does the first photgraph - so rich. Saul Leiter and Edwin Smith, so inspirational. I photgraph more than I paint lately - do you? Freda.

    1. I almost never paint. I assemble and reuse things in different ways. I think that betrays a lack of confidence.

  7. How did I not know that quote! Thank you so much for sharing it. It couldn't be truer :)

  8. Lovely quote from Olive Cook. I do like your compositions...and not just today!

  9. Your first photograph is just beautiful, a jewel box of colour.