Wednesday 15 October 2014

Written in stone

In further shingle related news,
I found this pebble on the beach
and sent it straight to our Japanese expert.

Turns out the lines represent the kanji pronounced


  1. Good morning from New York to you, Lucille. I'm having a bit of a blogworld catch up over my now cooling coffee, and have very much enjoyed your three most recent posts.

    The quandry over dressing for an occasion made me smile, and then I saw your colorful new cardigan and thought...oh, that's a wonderful sweater...I'd definitely like wearing that one!

    And then, you took us down to the sea with perfectly chosen verse. And excellent eyes for finding interesting treasure on the shore. Each of those stones is fascinating, in unique ways. You've given me a memory of Kettle's Yard in the afternoon sun.

    Many thanks. xo

  2. Such a unique stone. I wonder what life it's had?

  3. What is it about pebbles and shells that I cannot resist?