Monday 6 October 2014

The Last Hurrah

Where better to be, to bid farewell to summer
than atop the tower at Sissinghurst Castle?

The coaches had not yet arrived.

Not an immaculate lawn, 
but the dense green sheet of algae on the moat.

The Mann Cornwallis weather vanes point West
signalling the arrival of gales and wet weather for the rest of this week
and a sharp dip in temperature.


  1. Lucille, I lived in Sissinghurst once (the Weald of Kent was home for over 20 years) and the garden there is full of memories for me. Many, many visits over the years and this post is tugging at my heart strings. I long to go back...

  2. Ah, such a lovely place. I've only been there once (not handy for Edinburgh) but need to return before I die...

  3. A piece of heaven for certain. Thank you :)