Monday 20 October 2014


If the sun is low you get the most amazing definition
to the imprint left in the sand by the ebbing tide.
And in places these sculptings are overlaid by 
wind-blown ripples in the shallow pools 
reflecting and shadowing in a finer dimension.
Subtler still than these, are the gentle waves of air,
eddies, on a plane, felt but unseen.


  1. Beautiful...I have always had a fascination for fluvial landforms, even these small, possibly temporary ones made of sand.

  2. Gosh, sights like these are woven into my soul, brought up as I was by the sea. I do hope there are chilly, windblown beaches in heaven or I'm not going.

  3. What a fabulous set of photos. They take you straight to the beach. Thankyou.

  4. As usual, you see things that I would look past.
    Every one of those pictures has its own different special character.

  5. Lucille, these pictures are sublime. Nature is a very, very fine artist. Isn't it grand to appreciate these gifts of beauty?


  6. Just the right sort of beach for walking barefoot over .... as long as you've brought a fluffy towel and a thermos of hot soup with you for afterwards !

  7. Beautiful! It makes the sand look like shells of sorts. xxx