Monday 3 November 2014

The charm of the picturesque

A reviewer* of the Edwin Smith exhibition had this to say,

They are 
'images that offer succour to the soul.'

His pictures,
'evoke feelings of nostalgia, longing and charm of the picturesque,
whose hold only seems to tighten amid ever increasing
social, economic and environmental change'.

*Owen Hopkins Apollo.


  1. If only that fellow would comment equally kindly and equally perceptively on our lovely blogs.

  2. I think his pictures take me back to a time of little heating and less money. I lkie your images better.

  3. Your images certainly minister peace.

  4. These are stunning photos. They remind me of Fay Godwin's work which I loved and saw rather a lot of when I worked at a photographers' gallery in Battle - sadly no longer there.

  5. It all looks so gentle and wistful...

  6. You've captured that magical magical light! I wish I could see that exhibition..

  7. I am very glad to have your blogger's view of the natural world around you. I feel like I get to see England through your eyes and that is such a treat.

  8. Lucille, please do email me and I will answer your question. xo