Thursday 27 November 2014

Out of sight

but never far from my mind,
the contents of the drawers,

(that lampshade's got to go)

(Sorting papers: Rule of Thumb: Discard Everything M.K)

Edited to say that these above are now Drawers of Joy.
You may take that quite literally.

(sweet and innocent but stuffed)

(this has a matching set on the opposite side),


(mostly Northern husband's, further shelf not visible - untouched),

(mostly mine - hugely reduced),


(this above is possibly the scariest in terms of content),

(shelves above not visible),

(particularly deceptive this one as we sit on it daily
but inside there lurks a huge selection of board games
that nobody ever wants to play).
Where was I?

Piles and stacks,

(Marie has joined the stacks),

and suitcases,

of Doom.

And that's without showing you the Garage of Doom
 the Greenhouse of Doom
or the Desk of Doom at which I sit to pen
my Useful or Beautiful blog.
So there we have it.
Keeping it real.


  1. I love to see people's houses. But (curses, curses) I am trying to read all the book titles but my eyesight isn't up to some of them.

    My house has very few drawers and cupboards so I have to be very severe about Stuff. We removed everything that was built-in except one coat cupboard in a moment of madness. But good madness.

    Is it me or are those walking boots the wrong way round? I shall dash off straight away and do likewise with mine. No, wait, I have no walking boots. Dash it all.

    1. Ugg! You were right of course. I have corrected that. I would send you my book list but I am still whittling it away. I expect you clocked the Harry Potters and my Persephone collection.

  2. You seem to have as much storage space as I have living space!

    1. And me! I am overcome by envy for so many cupboards. Have yet to start on MK in earnest. My excuse is that I can't get into wardrobe as new kitchen is stacked in bedroom blocking the way.

  3. Lucille, this did make me smile! Thankyou, I feel so much better knowing you also have stuffed to the gills drawers and cupboards! Penny Lx

  4. "Northern husband"......


    (and I whisper...............)
    (is there a "Southern husband", or "Western husband", and is there anything you want to tell us Lucille?........................just asking....) ;O)

  5. Brilliant but slightly scary post. I now daren't turn around from my computer screen and face the piles of stuff on shelves, in cupboards, at the top of the stairs, behind me. Your post made me smile. thankyou. And why does stuff accumulate at the top of the stairs?

  6. Small panic ensued as I couldn't find The Book to check for you. It was under a toothbrush, three packets of tissues and the Persephone Biannuallly. Keep three categories: currently in use/ needs attention, needed for a limited period of time, must be kept indefinitely/ contractual documents (despite not sparking joy). Needs attention box ought to be empty, although she admits that she has never managed to completely empty that box! There are eleven pages about papers, largely devoted to how to decide what to keep and how to file, which is a much simpler procedure than usual. Sentimental papers are dealt with separately.

  7. Oh Lucille, your home seems so very well organized.

    Returning home from my holiday, I have a renewed appreciation about just how much clutter surrounds me. So far I have managed to take some things to the neighborhood Goodwill Thift Shop, but believe me that was only a drop in the ocean.

    I am beginning to think about clearing out some books. The horror of contemplating such action my result i status quo.


  8. Never mind the cupboards, please tell me the name of that wonderful deep blue on one of your walls! Just gorgeous and exactly what I am looking for for my bedroom. I too have a Northern husband - is there something I should know, or is it OK because I am also a Northerner and understand all things Northern? The plot thickens.

    1. I wish I could tell you. I didn't make a note at the time and it was so long ago that I can't remember.

    2. Ho hum. The search for the perfect blue goes on. Maybe we will just move house and that will resolve my unfulfilled longings...

  9. What a terrifying enterprise, Lucille! I have a kitchen Cupboard of Doom - no, several - that I just can't face. When I do, and rid myself of years of baking equipment, old utensils, spare-but-might-be-useful-one-day items, and relocate the cats' medications/worming & flea stuff, I might have enough room to store the pans and trays that live in the oven.....

    1. Just realised I didn't include the kitchen at all! That's a big blind spot.

  10. Yikes! Just keep thinking of all the Joy to come - you will explode with Joy! You will float away with a new lightness of being! No more Doom! Brava Lucille.

  11. Hmm... however much storage we have, it's always all full. How is that? You have a scary amount. I eye my stuff and am beginning to envisage what it will be like for the children if I don't rationalise it before I die...

    1. Nature abhors a vacuum. My parents did no decluttering. It was a difficult and panicky task left to us when they died and the house had to be sold. It is a large factor in my present efforts.

  12. My closets, my garage, my drawers...they all need to be gone through and tidied up. I am need in Drawers of Joy!
    Good for you for giving me a reminder.
    Now, since you are so good at it, come and do mine!
    P.S. I also like that deep blue on one of your walls, really pretty color.

  13. Since I can only have clear surfaces at the expense of stuffed cupboards and drawers ( not to mention under the beds ) , I'm obviously nowhere near exploding with joy !

  14. you have very nice furniture.

  15. Where to begin?! You do have wonderful storage spaces.

  16. Sigh. (And that is a wonderful blue!)