Friday, 8 June 2012

A visit to Sissinghurst 2

The White Garden shone on that dismal day. 

Harold (Nicholson) wrote to Vita on July 5th 1949,
'I believe that when we scrap the delphiniums,
we shall find the grey and white garden very beautiful...
I want the garden as a whole to be superb in 1951
for the British Fair or Festival,
with heaps of overseas visitors,
and many will come down by car.'*

When Vita died in June 1962, she knew she had created
something of lasting value.
'We have done our best,' she wrote to Harold in November 1961, 
'and made a garden where none was.'*

*Sissinghurst - An Unfinished History  by Adam Nicholson.


  1. I love Sissinghurst. Your photos have brought back some happy memories. I wonder if the yellow Banksia Rose was still climbing the tower when you visited?

    The white garden is lovely. Especially as the light begins to fade. Good to see it later in the afternoon.
    I remember a profusion of Madame Alfred Carriere creamy pink roses underneath Vita`s bedroom window.

  2. These are all lovely, but that gate is especially eye-catching.

  3. I love the quote you included. Though my efforts (and results!) are paltry compared to this, I feel like I stand in noble company because I have done my best.