Monday 11 June 2012


Why is the weather so awful?
Google that and others have got there first
with the same tearful wail.
Blame lies with the jet stream which is slumped
further south than usual bringing 
sluggish bands of low pressure
which means rain, rain and more rain.

I believe I have tried to put a brave face on it. 
I admired the green lushness,
laughed at the redundant hose pipe,
and donned an extra jumper 
but there is no getting away from it-
it's just so damnably depressing.
The light-filled light-weight days 
that I longed for all winter 
are slipping through my fingers.
The house closes in, dark by five p.m.
The stupid dim low energy light bulbs
cast their wan winter light on my work,
and a wrinkly wintry menu brought out of retirement
displaces the sprightly young salads
and carb light meals of summer.

Small streams have risen from beneath the lawn and run
rippling towards the house, audibly.
Worms are drowning, the leaking pond has refilled.
I ordered a sun hat 
when summer seemed plausible.
It is made of woven paper.
Wear it today
and it will be papier maché.

But show me just one sliver of sunlight,
one tiny blue tear in the clouds
and my optimistic soul will say,
'Look! It's going to be a sunny day.'


  1. Too bad we can't make a little trade: A day of your rain for a day of our drought! (And would you also take our 95F /35C temperature? Just for a day?)

  2. I'm investigating Ravelry , searching for ( extremely simple ) patterns for a mohair sweater , having dug an old cache of the stuff out of a cupboard .
    I wonder if I could be wearing it by the weekend if I used HUGE needles ?

  3. So beautifully written, Lucille..

  4. Sun hat and factor 50 purchased here too, and it's my SECOND sunhat purchased this year..... the first was too lightweight and kept blowing away in the lightest of breezes whilst gardening.

    I nodded in agreement re the low energy lightbulbs - how I detest the things.....

  5. I have strong feelings on low energy lightbulbs. They give me low energy with their ugly glaring light (even the ones that say on the packet "No Ugly Glaring Light or your Money Back!). They will sink the human race into a bleak depression.

    I hope the sun will shine on you, Lucille.

  6. I have a new, unworn, paper braid hat too - and although it's a sunny morning, it's just too damn chilly to be seen out in it.....

    I'm alarmed to hear of streams running towards your house!

    Maybe summer will arrive in September? usually a more hopeful month.

  7. That wretched jet stream generally sits over us. We've just had a very welcome shower of rain - the first in weeks. But in spite of moorland fires to the north and a dry parched look to the land, you can hang on to that silly old jet stream for just a bit longer...if you wouldn't mind!

  8. I thought maybe it was all my fault for getting my winter coat dry cleaned too early. But this level of awfulness - this can't be caused by a coat malfunction. And like you my moods are very weather-affected. Gloom, gloom, gloom.

  9. It is just too awful for words, I am in the slough of despond.

  10. Lucille, you came through on the trade! The weather service predicted no rain at all this week with temps in the mid 90'sF at this time of day.
    It has just POURED, and the temperature is a wonderful 73F/22.8C! (It was already 80F/27.77 at 8 this morning.)
    I can only hope I lived up to my part.

  11. You did! I woke up to sunshine this morning. Sadly it is only forecast to be a brief respite but very welcome nonetheless.