Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Result! Today I acquired a 100W dimmable (as if!)
 halogen bulb with an E27 screw cap fitting.
I went to considerable trouble to get it,
but 100 whole watty watts!
That's bright.
The Tolomeo Artemide Mega floor lamp will
blaze forth with energising light once again.
The room will be flooded with its vital rays.
Brilliance will be my byword.
Illuminations to rival Blackpool.

Like this.

(4.48 p.m. in a south facing room.
With the curtains open.
Not dimmed.)


  1. I should like to meet the person who decreed that we should, henceforth, have light that was questionable, and SMACK HIM IN THE MOUTH. It is intolerable. A candle powered chandelier would be preferable, with mirrors at every angle of course...

  2. We are all going to end up as moles.......... mark my words.........

  3. Oh dear, been there, got one (not dimmable), ended up putting it on the attic landing as the only place in the house where a garage forecourt effect wasn't going to be too distressing.

    I'm with Toffeeapple, really.

  4. Feel I may have needed to 'not' after 'like this' as I now realise that without my witheringly scornful voice it might have sounded like a thumbs up!