Monday, 25 June 2012

The daily grind

So there I was, peacefully eating an artichoke,

when a man drives by

the window

 on his digger

and hoists up the mill wheel.

Yes, we've got the men in at last.
Seven at the last count.

It's very exciting
and very loud out there.

I must brush up my Blokeish.


  1. I didn't know that you had a mill wheel, you lucky thing. Oh, please don't start talking Blokeish, it is a code that we should never master - look up the meaning of the words 'flange' and 'micrometer' together with 'arc welder' immediately. Good luck m'dear you are surely going to need it. Oh, and copious amounts of tea...

  2. At least the blokes are outside the house - blokes working inside are so disruptive to pinkness.

    I echo Toffee Apple in your lucky thingness.

  3. Yes they are outside for the moment but will have to break through at some point and that is an ordeal which my blogging friends will not be spared.

  4. Oddly, I don't miss my blokes at all.... But how exciting for you; may the novelty never wear off, Blokeish proficiency or not.

  5. If by chance they are Polish blokes, I could lend you a book which translates English blokeish into Polish. You will completely own them.

  6. No Poles but I did find that my Blokeish had taken on a West Country accent, which was odd given our locality.