Wednesday 20 June 2012

Hats off

I'm not really a hat person,
but I used to like the idea of a new hat for spring
and once bought a yellow felt hat 
with a sprig of fabric flowers pinned to its brim.
I miss that hat.
This one is alright for gardening but rather reminds me
of my school Panama.

I probably won't be wearing a hat to the wedding,
they mostly make me look like a mushroom,
but I certainly won't be wearing a fascinator instead.
If they are not good enough for the Royal Enclosure at Ascot
then they are not good enough for me.


  1. No, no hat for me either at our son's wedding. Which is quite soon.

  2. Good for you, I loathe fascinators - the least fascinating headgear ever invented.
    Looking at today's papers, might have been a good idea if they'd also banned tattoos.
    But your millinery standards are much higher than mine ... your gardening hat is almost identical to my second-best one (ie next down from my wedding hat! it will not be downgraded to garden hat for, ooh, at least five years.)

  3. I think your hat needs a pretty flower attached to it so that it won't remind you so much of your school Panama. And I too dislike fascinators. They are the headwear equivalent of crocodile skin.

  4. I think you'd look fab in a cloche. I'm just saying.

  5. ...who thought up the name 'fascinator'...?

  6. I like some fascinators, they can be a nice ornament for short haired women such as myself, as long as they don't look like an old mouldy stuffed blackbird like the one I saw the other day.
    I am a hat person and would like a nice wide brimmed one for sitting in the sun. I saw a photo of myself in a little cotton hat and decided I looked way too much like Gilligan.

  7. Hats used to look rather food on me but not anymore. So I don't look in mirrors...

  8. I'm loving the sound of your yellow felt hat from days gone by. At this rate you won't need a hat just flippers and a bloody snorkel!
    (Am I allowed to swear on here?)

  9. I think I've heard that tattoos are acceptable at Ascot....

    Best wishes.

  10. The "Royal Enclosure" brochure was fun; I had no idea there were such strict rules! I'll take the pale pink dress on page 9 (not that I have anyplace to wear it).
    I just broke down and bought a Tilley raffia hat, made by your UK brethren in Canada. It will work as well for a wedding as for walking dogs, which is where it will spend most of its time.