Saturday, 9 June 2012

Eleven beautiful bottles


First seen here.

If I can't enjoy the flowers outside
I must bring them in.

But which to choose?
All expensive, but certainly not the sprayed on colour
that you only crossly discover on cheap bottles 
through over diligent washing.

There are often good glass vases to be found

This one was less than a tenner a while back
 and it has come in very useful.

One day I will place a shelf in a sunny window
so that I can bring coloured glass to life against it.


  1. I must say I like Primrose best because I love blue glass. Thank you for alerting me to Mise's Tumblr -very gratifying!

  2. I am surveying a totally trashed garden today, Hollyhocks and foxgloves all down to the ground. Like I said, once, just ONCE I would like to see the peonies flower in situ.... (picture a bottom lip tremour.....)

    Beautiful glassware Lucille.

  3. Yes I think Sue that we have the same blue vase from the same source.

  4. I am so sorry to hear it. Can any of the flowers be salvaged in a vase?

  5. I have been hinting wildly all around me for ages that I love these Dartington bottles, and especially Daisy (the colour reminds me of the Bombay Gin bottles I like so much), and so far people have given me ZERO of them. Incredible but true. I hope you will fare better.

  6. By the way, may I show you my own small collection, assembled from here and there:

    Its Proud Owner

  7. That is precisely the effect I am after. I am also indebted to you for the breakthrough on Rose tea. I cannot boil my gold as it is stuck on my fourth finger.

  8. Delicious - I am struck by an acute attack of the wanties.

  9. Those are all beautiful. I love your thought of putting a shelf by the window and allowing the sun to shine through the bottles.


  10. I've done exactly & green bottles on a shelf in front of a window (& some clear glass vases filled with marbles)