Saturday 17 March 2012


Watery it may seem, but this is saltmarsh.

A hose pipe ban comes into force on April 5th
after two unusually dry winters have left reservoirs,
aquifers and rivers below normal levels here in the south east.
It rained on us a little today while we collected our son 
for the Easter break, but not nearly enough.
It's a controversial subject, well covered here.

The Telegraph March 13th


  1. England having a hose pipe ban seems rather strange, but I suppose I have heard it from 'the horse's mouth' so I must believe it.

  2. Beautiful photographs...maybe I could send some of our rain from 'up't North' to help you out!

  3. Yet in Yorkshire, the reservoirs are 98% full, as are the rivers and aquifers. If only there was a 'water grid'...

  4. It's a scary prospect for those of us with seeds planted....... We had rain yesterday and I suddenly realised how little we must have had because I could literally smell how fresh everything suddenly was (and we don't live on the drier side of the country!).

  5. Beautiful photos - thank you.