Friday 23 March 2012

Daylight robbery

A misty dawn,

 over the rookery.

 The rooks resume construction

of their nests.

One of them is considerably more impressive than the others,

because one of them is a robber rook
who steals the choicest twigs
from his hard working neighbours.
As their nests diminish,
so his grows.
It has at least three storeys now.
I believe he is waiting for them to
install their new feather bed.
Then his dream home
will be complete.

See here for similar nefarious doings:


  1. I presume you're considering this approach for your new dacha..

  2. It must be lovely to see all that building and thieving going on.

  3. Probably not a feather bed. Probably a Vi-Spring mattress with some sort of luxurious topper.

  4. It's so hard not to anthropomorphise such birds and feel sorry for the burgled ones.

  5. Perhaps the other rooks should stage an 'occupy' type protest. That might teach the thief :)
    My youngest and I loved the penguin video.