Monday 19 March 2012

The passport photo

As another birthday fast approaches
so too does the ten year passport renewal.

They wouldn't let me wear a jaunty hat,
present my good side,
or prop my double chin 
on a diverting yellow-gloved hand.

Bananas it is then.

United Fruit Company advertisement
from Reader's Digest April 1954.


  1. The magazine article makes interesting reading but, bearing in mind how long ago it was written, we don't seem to have made much headway.

    I did like the illustration a great deal.

    I disliked the restrictions put on me the last time I posed for a passport photo, no spectacles, can you imagine?

  2. But at least you'll be able to wear a jaunty hat, present your good side,
    smile, and present your documents with a diverting yellow-gloved hand as you go through passport control next time so as to confound the person who has to confirm that you are the woman depicted.

  3. I find my colourful selection of turbans, always deployed at a somewhat jaunty angle, both silences the UKPA, and distracts attention from rampant male-pattern alopecia..