Monday 19 March 2012

Caught by the light too*

The silhouette.
It's the only way to go now.
See here.


  1. That title took me by surprise as I had read JoI's post earlier. I must pop back there and leave a comment.

    It has been so good to see the sun today, I even went out in it for a very slow 'weeble' around.

  2. Silhouette or burkha ? Either will do .

  3. Nice to have a bit of sun to be able to take shadow pictures.

  4. Come come, Lucille. You are far too modest. I seem to remember your being the established queen of shadow-play long before I even thought of posting.

    This blogger's efforts are mere homage...

  5. Evidently you both walk in the light.

  6. I'm not only longing to be caught by the light, I am also wishing it to warm me through and through. Winter is still giving it a go here, though my baby narcissus are blooming bravely.