Wednesday 7 March 2012

If I should live to be

this age, without mishap,
 I may have had to upgrade my regimen,
in order to achieve this
quite remarkable degree of strength and flexibility.

Meanwhile perhaps I can improve my mental elasticity
by learning to recite this poem.


  1. Flippin heck! I was never that supple even at the age of 10 and as for remembering a long poem whilst playing at the age of three...well it was never going to happen.

    I can however move my nostrils, does this count?

  2. I now truly realise the utter depth of my underachievement..

  3. I think I shall just crawl back into the can of beans from which I came...............

  4. Well, I am inspired. This is truly lovely.

  5. That's amazing! He seems to know what he's talking about, too --

  6. If only I had kept going to Yoga and Pilates...

  7. You do find the most wonderful things to show us - thank you.

  8. I do love the range of comments for this post :)
    I cried at the beautiful video of the elderly woman and laughed at the little boy reciting verbatim a poem while he most likely wants to be doing other things!