Saturday 29 October 2011

Sitting (mostly) on the fence

I was never able, if asked, to choose a favourite colour
or a favourite meal
or a favourite artist,
piece of music.
The Best of anything is a moveable feast thank goodness
and that's why I really can't choose
my most beautiful post.
(As for helpful - have I ever been helpful?
Given the title of the blog I'm abashed to say that usefulness
has been a bit thin on the ground, although 
I'm sure I remember a tutorial on pomanders in the distant past.)
So I'm dodging out of those answers
with this selection of recently beautiful scenes from the garden.
I might try to find a post that I'd like to air again
in case it was feeling neglected*,
but really, even a plethora of comments
can't be the defining factor that helps me to decide
on a post that surprised me with its success.
I'm surprised that anyone reads this at all,
and I'm quite proud that I have stuck to this blog
for three years now.
As for controversial, well
I didn't think I was courting controversy but this one
lost me a regular American commenter
so I blame Eddie Izzard and would urge you not to look again
if you know that you don't approve of him.

*Cathy has kindly reminded me of this one,
 so I'll shake it out for fresh attention, deserved or not.


  1. I'm a natural subversive so disapproval is almost guaranteed to attract me!

    I can't email back to your comments, so I will reply here even if it seems a bit cryptic to others! That's what I love about the Lady Decorators - they just know where I am coming from, don't do all that disapproving stuff, and they listen to Radio 4 - what more could you want?!

    Pomona x

  2. Pomanders not useful?
    For me that post was a life-changer!

  3. It's your blog- write what you want! (That's my opinion anyway)

    Love the garden photos- I've just been doing a bit of an outdoor tidy-up & I couldn't resist taking photos either- the colours are just so rich today!

  4. Anyone who stops commenting because of anything Eddie Izzard says or does, needs a huge sense of humour injection, the man is fabulous.

    I loved the kitchen drawer post too, just so well written.

    I also like the pictures in our current post, much nicer than digging in the archives surely?

  5. I loved the kitchen drawer post, too. (But does this mean that you don't own a schiaccia patata? And if not, whatever were you eating in 1982? I'm sure I used mine at least once.)

    I am staggered that 60 seconds of Eddie Izzard would lose you a reader. Thank heavens the rest of us are more robust!

  6. I'm not familiar with Eddie Izzard, but the sketch did remind me of a Monty Python sketch from Life of Brian when Michael Palin as a Roman is holding a clipboard and asking people in a line, "Crucifixion? Good"