Sunday 2 October 2011

The view from there

It was a beautiful day.
The journey straightforward
(apart from a little difference of opinion
with the rising bollards)
but best of all his room was clean and well furnished.

The view from here?

Well it's as it should be of course
but I'm going to have to supply my own
mad music and chortling for eight weeks.


  1. On the plus side, it's closer than Japan - and geologically much quieter..

  2. What a beautiful school. Where is it located? He is spoiled with proper wooden coat hangers.
    I am sure you know he will be in good hands and meeting new and meaningful firends and before we know it you will be posting his graduating pics.
    Congratulations on getting him here
    Helen xx

  3. In no time he'll be back + loads of laundry!
    Enjoy the respite! :-)

  4. Sigh...what a beautiful, inspiring place.

  5. Good luck! So much to pack into three short years - don't waste a minute.

  6. If he settles in as well as my daughter has this week at Exeter I'm sure you'll be very relieved. Can't help having the odd wobble though!

  7. I hope he enjoys the millionaire's shortbread.

    Children should not grow up. I've decided.

  8. Hmmm. You might try humming "time like an ever rolling stream" to yourself. Changes, changes, eh? No getting away from them, should we hide ever so deep below a mountain of soft cushions.