Friday 21 October 2011

The Lodger

 Did I mention that this is not our cat?

 And they are definitely not our fleas either.

This is our old cat.

He was rather a fine fellow

even if he did lash out sometimes.

You had to be a bit careful how you passed him on the stairs.

He lost his tail when young
which gave him a Complex.

His name was Rodgers, 
but he became Bodge after that.

I'm calling this one The Lodger.
He makes an empty house a bit homelier
so I haven't the heart to evict him.


  1. At least you have someone to talk to! I'd love to have a cat but it is totally impractical for me.

  2. I was so glad to read those last few words! He's a rather lovely lodger, and a little dab of Frontline should make him all the lovelier.

  3. We have a beautiful black cat who visits sometimes. My neighbour and I argue as to who he loves best... but he's just a visitor!

  4. He might not be your cat, but maybe you are his people! He certainly seems to be at home!

  5. I love when cats visit. It seems like a sign a home is suitably comfy.

  6. I love it! Ha Ha
    We had a dog who used visit our farm and sometimes would overnight, we called him B & B. Fun!

  7. He's sooooooo at home......... but you know that, don't you?

    That's cats for you!

  8. He looks so contented on the bed there. I do hope you keep him forever if he needs you to do so. He looks like he does. I think he may need you. He has found you before the cold weather really sets in hasn't he. What a sad thought to think of him alone in the snow. Now he doesn't have to be. You'll see how he will thrive with your tlc, he is already rather cute and handsome but his edges are a little ruffled. A few good meals, cuddles and some frontline will soon sort him out. I think it is nice for both of you, I hope it works out.

  9. Dogs think you're gods; cats think you're staff.

  10. The thing is he does have real owners in the next house along the lane so I can't take him over completely. I think he must have grown accustomed to visiting the previous owners of the house and sees no reason to stop. We'll always give him a warm welcome, but I don't think he'll starve or freeze!

  11. My old cat used to hide under the table when he was in one of his moods, and swipe your ankles as you walked by. I have no cat of my own now, but my sister has a beautiful one who must have some Russian blue in him. Your lodger must be quite relieved you have allowed him to carry on his visiting next door. A cat does like his routine :)