Monday 17 October 2011

Crab apple noon

The best bit of making crab apple jelly
is eating the skimmed off foam
with a bowl of Greek yogurt.
The second best bit
is making a tower out of the dangerously hot jars.

The third best bit 
will be a bit of action with the pinking shears and
sprigged fabric but I must attend to more
pressing matters now.


  1. I hope the pressing matters will be dealt with in time to get pinking for crab apple eve. Your tower is beautiful.

  2. Quite the little dare-devil aren't you? I'm glad you didn't get burned. Your jelly looks very pretty. I put chilli in mine this year.

  3. I see your recent move is morphing this blog into the country diary of an Edwardian Lady..
    Beautiful shots.. and colour..

  4. You are ahead of me Mise. Chilli in apple jelly is quite daring Toffeeapple and actually I did get burned but that was when I forgot that I had sterilised the jars in a hot oven. Jof I actually did crabapple jelly from Brother's suburban housing estate tree one year. Sue, the shattered jars were a distinct possibility. What was I thinking?

  5. I want to know where you got that almost spherical jar..... SUCH a pretty tower, I don't blame you for playing with such lovely coloured jellies............

  6. I'm very excitied to find someone else who builds jelly jar towers- I thought I was the only mad woman out there!

  7. I hope you wore your natural-born countrywoman's pinny when doing all of this?

  8. beautiful & I bet it tastes divine

  9. You do live dangerously!
    Those jars are gorgeous rubies in the sunlight.

  10. I will wear the apron to do the pinking shearing I promise. The spherical jar came with mustard in it I think and has been saved for this moment in the sun.

  11. You have a wonderful stock of jelly for the winter. One always feel rich when the jam cupboard is well stocked.
    Thank you for sharing your images
    Helen xx