Wednesday 26 October 2011

The last dance

I can never look at fuchsia flowers without thinking of dancers.
You only had to add arms with a little bit of twig.
My flirtation with ballet was short-lived.
I have trochanteric bursitis.
It's a pain in the hip.

I suppose I could take up

Sue is making a lovely Ravilious blanket.
Lucy has lots of patterns and tutorials in her sidebar
and I do like Vanessa's little squares scarf.


  1. I was chucked out of ballet class as a child for refusing to run around the room like a flower. I pointed out to the teacher that flowers don't run...she took offence & asked my Mum not to bring me back the following week!

  2. Poor Lucille. How pesky to have a pain in the hip. I have taught my daughters how to squeeze the nectar from the fuchsia flowers and drink it; they like to get there before the bees.

  3. Oh, Lucille .. I'm so sorry. Don't give up!

  4. That bursitis responds well to acupuncture. Mine got better and has never come back.

  5. Oh, how sad! I hope you can get relief from the pain, do try acupuncture, as lillyanne says, it is amazing how well it works.

    I never saw a Fuchsia as a child but they fascinate me now. I was never introduced to ballet either, there wasn't much of it on our Welsh hillside in those days.