Friday 28 October 2011

Playing tag

 I was trying to comply with a request from Rebecca to join
in a blog project that is doing the rounds;
namely to disinter seven posts which answer the following questions:

What is your most beautiful post?
What is your most popular post?
What is your most controversial post?
What is your most helpful post?
Which post's success surprised you most?
Which of your post do you feel didn't get the attention it deserved?
Which post are you proudest of?

But it's not easy.
There are 835 posts to read and as is so often the case
with a questionnaire, I am struggling with the parameters
(and definitely taking it far too seriously).
I thought popular might be the easiest one to start with. 
The stats show one that has had far and away the most page views
and it is this one:
English Music in an English landscape
but does that make it popular or should I be looking for 
the one with the most comments?
That would be this one:
Silver and coral
because people are kind.

But then again early posts were whistling into the wind
and if I recycled them they might get whoops of acclaim 
from du monde.
As so often with a game of tag 
I find myself slightly out of breath and lurking on the sidelines.
Go and see what Mary found
and maybe I'll have got a second wind
if you come back.


  1. Good luck, Lucille, you're doing far better than I did and that Englishmusic post is lovely.
    When I'd finished mine, I couldn't imagine that anybody would want to re-read them!

  2. 835 posts, what a difficult chore. And yet you were able to select a wonderful post, I immediately want to switch my radio from 4 to 3. Thank you.

  3. I have sat and thought about your posts - I haven't looked back through them - and the one that I think I would choose as my favourite has surprised me (I would have thought it would involve shadow photography, and it didn't!). It was the one where you could sort of chart life through all the bits and pieces contained within your kitchen drawer............