Monday 27 April 2009

The Pill Box

When I was a child, as well as having a conventional doctor,
 one Dr. Wolf,
I was also treated with homeopathic remedies.
These were either powders administered from the corners of folded paper,
or small white pills that came in charming boxes like these.

But this one no longer has pills in it.

It contains something much more surprising...

two shiny red seeds, with ivory lids,


They are carved in ivory and measure 3mm in diameter.

They number among the things that I have always had,
 but until now exhibited very little curiosity about.

This blog tells the story of the Manjadikuru, the Lucky Red Seeds from Kerala in India.

Hindi legend states that the owner of one of these Circassian seeds would be granted a secret wish for each of the 12 miniature hand carved elephants inside it.

It is a miracle that even two of these have survived.
Perhaps that was my secret wish.

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  1. oooohhh!! I love this, Lucille! Thank you for sharing. I learn so many new things from you!

    And, I wanted to tell you we got Miss Flora Mcflimsey's May Day from the library yesterday. It was just lovely!