Friday 10 April 2009

It was a dull and drizzly day

so I decided to stay in and make

a batch of fairy cakes, a loaf of bread and the dough for

these hot cross buns.

And while I was at the window,
 I watched a pair of blackbirds gathering material for the nest they were building
in a nearby tree.


  1. I love all the dots of color everywhere!

    What kind of icing did you use on your fairy cakes? (and what type of cake, for that matter??)

    My girls will love those:)

  2. Small quantities of Glace icing made with icing sugar and a tiny bit of boiling water, separately coloured with natural food colourings until I got a bit slapdash and it ended up like a child's paintbox lid. The cakes are a plain Victoria sponge mix - Nigella Lawson has a recipe in 'How to be a Domestic Goddess'.

  3. oooh...thanks:) Can't wait to check out that book!!